City of Dreams was published in 1994 as a series of 4 comic books by Eros Comics, a subsidiary of Fantagraphics. In 1996 it was released as a graphic novel (a single book with a gallery of new art at the end). In 2003 it went into its second printing, with the cover shown here. This version is currently available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It tells the story of Christine, both in her real life as a shy, bookish virgin, and in her kinky fairy-tale dreams where she is a sleeping princess awakened and enslaved by a dominant prince. But when she meets a man who seems to know about her dream-life and begins showing her the ways of sexual domination, her real life and her dream life begin to merge in unexpected and fantastical ways.


Daphne was published in 1999 by B&D Pleasures as a full-color limited edition graphic novel. The story is about an 18th century princess who is sent to a convent to learn the error of her lascivious ways, only to be subjected to endless erotic tortures that bring out her darkest desires. This book is long out of print, and B&D Pleasures has shown no interest in reprinting it.






The Tarsis Anthology, Book One was published in 2001 by B&D Pleasures. It was a compilation of 4 6-page comics that had appeared in other magazines. Two of them featured the character Darkangel, a woman scientist who is continuously ravished by an alien biomechanical backpack that she can't take off. This is long out of print, but fortunately, you can read all 4 stories here on this website.






The Tarsis Anthology Book Two came out in 2002, with another 4 comic stories. Two of them featured a character called Dreamwraith, who could enter a girl's dreams and bring her kinkiest fantasies to life. So far as I know, this isn't available anywhere anymore. I myself lost the digital files long ago, or I'd have it up on this site too.







Wormwood was published by B&D Pleasures around 2002. It's a little experimental, since there's no word balloons, and the story is told in text alongside illustrations. It is a "gothic tale of unrelenting horror and inexcusable perversion." It tells the story of Lady Winters, who returns to the ancestral mansion she has just inherited, only to find that her insane brother, who always desired her and who is believed to be dead, is in fact living in the secret dungeons beneath the house. She and her two youthful servants become prisoners and sexual playthings of the sadistic madman, enduring one unspeakable degradation after another until- you guessed it- they learn to like it and live happily ever after. It's no longer in print, but there are hundreds of places you can download pirated scans online. It remains one of my favorite works.



Valeria was published back in 2003 by my own company, Chastenwood Press. It tells the story of beautiful young submissive Jennifer and her cruel but loving supernatural mistress, who must rescue Jennifer from her immortal arch-rival when she is demon-raped and kidnapped and taken to a lost Indonesian island. This is fairly hard BDSM, graphically rendered, with nothing held back. Valeria has now been re-released by a new publisher, and can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.





Opal was first released in serialized form back in 1989, in Bondage Life and Bondage Parade magazines, but it ended with a cliffhanger and was never finished. In 2005 I went back and finished it at last, re-drawing parts of it, removing the censorship that was necessary in its first release, and giving it a proper ending. At the time I couldn't afford to have it printed, so I released it only in digital form. But Opal will soon be available again, this time in print, through the same outlets as Valeria, above. Romantic and lovingly rendered in pencils, Opal is the story of a young, idealistic American reporter who is kidnapped and shipped off to 1930's Arabia for a sultan's harem. It has little SM content, focusing instead on sensual bondage.



Illustrated Books

These are books that I've written and illustrated myself. I'm not including here the books by others that I have illustrated over the years.


The Long Cruel Winter was a BDSM novel published in 2002 by B&D Pleasures. This format was half the size of an 8.5x11 magazine, and featured 30 illustrations to accompany the text. The story takes place in Imperial Russia, when a countess of the Romanov family, with her jaded paramour, her advisor, and a handful of soldiers, are stranded for the winter in a mountain inn. They strike a bargain with the innkeeper in which they are free to use his beautiful young daughter as they please, so long as they don't take her virginity. It was a very long winter for poor, innocent Natalia! This book is out of print now.






Anybody's Enia came out in 2004 in the same 30-illustration format. It is a modern-day story of a girl who enters into a BDSM relationship with a much older man. Because he is unable to perform sexually, he makes up for it by giving her body to friends, strangers, anybody he pleases, in all sorts of inventive and sometimes harrowing ways. Meanwhile, at work, Enia is blackmailed by her co-workers into becoming their sex-slave as well, making her a very busy girl indeed. This book is available from Amazon.







The Phantom of the Roxy was published in 2006, likewise with 30 illustrations. A young actress, tired of trying to "make it" in LA, accepts a stage-acting gig in New York. But lurking in the shadows of the old theater there is a masked madman, who decides that she is the girl he's been waiting for. He begins snatching her and dragging her off into the secret passages and chambers of the theater, where he dominates and uses her cruelly, then releases her. Each time he takes her, he drags her farther into sexual torture and submission, until the final, climactic finale. The publisher of this book, B&D Pleasures, suffered a warehouse fire right after this book was printed, and their whole inventory burned up. As it stands now, this is a very rare book.






This concludes the bibliography of my work. This list does no include books by other authors that I illustrated, or any of the hundreds of magazines that I edited for Harmony, HOM and B&D Pleasures. It also doesn't include the 200 or so BDSM videos that I directed, shot and/or edited, or the 4 Shadow Lane videos in which I starred.