New! Here's a comic that I did as a private commission. The client I created it for agreed to let me post it here, so others can enjoy it as well! The character and situation are based (loosely!) on a movie made in 1954 called Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn in the title role.


Recently one of my comics magazines, Tarsis Anthology Vol. 1, went out of print. B&D Pleasures, the publisher, just sold out their entire stock, and has no intention of ever reprinting it. Rather than let all that comic art sink into obscurity the way my graphic novel Daphne did, I've decided to post the comics from TA-1 here, for you to enjoy for free. Here they are...


The Frothy Bowsprit

Darkangel: Project Enigma

Darkangel: The Svetnian Affair

While experimenting with the concept of online comics, I realized that the format offered some interesting new possibilities. Animation, for one! Have a look at my first animated comic...

Room Service